Silver Spurs Horseback Riding School

Silver Spurs Horseback Riding School Information

Silver Spurs Horseback Riding School instructors encourage our riders to have fun and let go of daily stresses while learning how to care for and ride a horse.

In a fun and healthy environment, riders learn respect, responsibility, self esteem, patience, kindness, self confidence,  how to rely on their instincts, common sense and so much more!

Instruction will include, but not be limited to the following:

.  Brushing the horse's coat, mane and tail
.  Cleaning and caring for the horse's hooves
.  Bathing the horse
.  Trimming the horse
.  Cleaning out stalls
.  Feeding horses
.  Worming horses
.  Shots
.  Parts of the horse
.  How to work a horse on a lunge line or in a round pen
.  Mounting and dismounting a horse
.  Proper seat while riding a horse bare-back
.  Leg and seat commands used while horseback riding
.  Tacking the horse
.  Proper care for tack used on a horse
.  Recognizing tack and its parts
.  Riding horseback in a saddle
.  Safe trail riding
.  Walk, jog, trot, lope, canter and gallop while horseback riding
.  Trail, barrels, poles, horsemanship, reigning
.  Parts of the horse
.  Breeds and colors of horses
.  Respect for the horse and others
.  Using common sense while horseback riding and anytime a student is around a horse

  And that's just the beginning . . .

In general, horseback riding classes last one hour. Obviously, Silver Spurs Instructors have to try to stay on a time schedule out of consideration for other riders, however, if a student or horse is in the middle of learning something important, Silver Spurs instructors will not stop class until we are at a point where stopping will leave the student, and/or horse with a sense of accomplishment. 

Silver Spurs instructors will make every effort to group horseback riding students with others of like age and horse riding skills.  We have found (and  highly recommend) that students have others in their class.  It seems to take a lot of the fear out of riding in the beginning and lends a small sense of healthy competition as the rider progresses.  Riding students become the best of friends and look forward to their time together!  Even so, classes remain small (no more than four riders).

There are occasions when Silver Spurs instructors will do different things for class that will require all riders being together if possible.  IE:  Host our own playday, have a barn clean-up day (we feel it is important that students learn that having a horse involves a good deal of hard work too), traveling to horse related events Silver Spurs instructors feel they would gain from seeing, etc.  These special days will be treated just like a class day and you will pay the same amount, even though some of these events may take most of the day.

Horseback riding lesson fees:

Just as you get paid, Silver Spurs Riding School instructors must get paid too or our school will not be successful.  However, we've tried to make it as convenient as possible and after 20 years, our parents and students are still quite happy with the way we do things.

For your convenience horseback riding classes may be paid for each week when you arrive at class.  Payment is due regardless of whether riders attend class. Classes cancelled for any reason, whether by SA or student, except for the following, will be rescheduled: Rider too tired or simply chooses not to attend class, failire to notify SS that student won’t be attending, failire to notify SS of conflict prior to class time.

If you need to cancel, we make every effort to find another day that you can make up that class. 

Silver Spurs Riding School charges only $40 per class, due the day of class.

The standard rate for classes in the metroplex is $65.  At Silver Spurs, we make every effort to keep our fees as low as possible so as many people as possible can enjoy the sport of horseback riding.  


In the state of Texas under article 87, anyone making the choice to participate in an activity on or around a horse is liable for any accidents that may occur.  Although we make every effort to assure that our horses, our grounds and our instruction are safe, there is always that rare case where an accident could occur.  It is very important that you fully understand this law.

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